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Another change. Or let's say an addition. Some things though remain the same.
``I am still an observer of the things around me and some of what I see I try to record. If it has some meaning for me I will share it with others. It’s a way of taking an interest in the world and not just accepting everything at first glance. It’s also a way of getting involved, even minutely in what you see.
In fact it’s about framing what you see. It’s about telling a story. About density and colour. Giving it a dimension, making it interesting. Going as far as you can.  At times there might not be a reason, but when it all comes together it makes some sense.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it’s very hard to capture one moment, one look, in one frame.
This recent addition is the ceramics and mosaics catalogue with more abstract views and details. All the photographs can be printed on tiles (Open Ceramics Catalogue).

If you would like a printed copy of any of these photographs and the prices for prints and framed prints and ceramics, please contact me.


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